Parallel computing

Some analysis like DADA2, fragment insertion, Training Classifier and qiime gneiss gradient-clustering take too much time to run. I thing parallel computing may solve this issues, is their any way to do QIIME2 in parallel computing (HPC)

Hi @kulandai1,

Indeed you can. Have you read the documentation for any of these methods? All of them (except gneiss) have parameter settings with names like n_jobs or threads — a quick forum search will yield loads of information and discussion about using these parameters. Good luck!

Hi Nicholas

Thanks for your replay
Yes as you mentioned n_jobs and threads does job quicker, but the gneiss is still running more than 48 hours :yawning_face: :face_with_thermometer:
Is their other way to finish gneiss quick.

Thank you

Yes, filter out low abundance features.

Good luck!