PacBio reads in Qiime2

Good morning. I am not 100% sure if this is the correct location to ask this, but I am wondering if there is a pacbio qiime2 tutorial available at this time? I saw that there was implementation underway to be able to use pacbio reads in the qiime2 pipelines, but am not sure where that is at this point.

Many thanks in advance,

Hello Camille,

There's no official tutorial or Q2 plugin for PacBio reads quite yet, but progress is being made!

If you are up the the adventure and a little hacking :sunglasses:, check out this Git repo: GitHub - sixvable/q2-dada2-CCS: make q2-dada2 support Pacbio CCS


In addition to the repo that @colinbrislawn pointed you to, you may also find the QIIME 2 Dev Docs page helpful.

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