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I conducted the OTU diversity study by qiime diversity core-metrics-phylogenetic, I exported the PCoA scores of Unweighted UniFrac and I ploted the score plot by R ggplot.

I also test the significance by PERMANOVA and reported the p-value in my manuscript. However, the reviewer asked me to set the p-value for UniFrac. I am not sure the meaning of p-value here. Is there any other p-value measured inside UniFrac analysis? How can I get it if so?

Hi @Lennon_Lee,

They may be referencing the very old UniFrac test, which involved permuting the branch lenghts between two samples. At this point, that test is basically defunct, and most people use a test like a permanova for their data. So, that would be the p-value i would report. Alternatively, the could be looking for a permanova associated with weighted UniFrac distance.



Thank you very much for your kindly help!!

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