Open-reference clustering plugin vsearch error

Dear sir,

When I was trying to do open reference clustering of my ITS sequence data, I had been getting this error

Plugin error from vsearch:

I searched in qiime forum also, but I didn’t get any solution for this error. The command line which I used was

qiime tools import --input-path sh_refs_qiime_ver8_dynamic_02.02.2019.fasta --output-path sh_refs_qiime_ver8_dynamic_s_02.02.2019fasta.qza --type FeatureData[Sequence]

qiime vsearch cluster-features-open-reference --i-table ITStable-dada2.qza --i-sequences ITSrep-seqs-dada2.qza --i-reference-sequences sh_refs_qiime_ver8_dynamic_s_02.02.2019fasta.qza --p-perc-identity 0.85 --o-clustered-table table-or-85.qza --o-clustered-sequences rep-seqs-or-85.qza --o-new-reference-sequences new-ref-seqs-or-85.qza

I was struggling a lot to find a solution to these problems for the past many days . If you help me means, I would be really grateful to you.

Thank you so much for your time, support and consideration. I look forward to reply from you.

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