One problem about data importing(QIIME)

Hello, I am relatively new to qiime. I am using the version QIIME2 (2019.7) and I am facing problems with importing the data.
Here are the error information:
There was a problem importing /home/qiime2/~test/2019.12.5/Data/Manifest.csv:

** /home/qiime2/~test/2019.12.5/Data/Manifest.csv is not a(n) PairedEndFastqManifestPhred33V2 file:**

** Found unrecognized ID column name 'sample-id,forward,reverse' while searching for header. The first column name in the header defines the ID column, and must be one of these values:**

** Case-insensitive: 'feature id', 'feature-id', 'featureid', 'id', 'sample id', 'sample-id', 'sampleid'**

** Case-sensitive: '#OTU ID', '#OTUID', '#Sample ID', '#SampleID', 'sample_name'**

** There may be more errors present in the metadata file. To get a full report, sample/feature metadata files can be validated with Keemei:**

** Find details on QIIME 2 metadata requirements here:**


What do these error messages mean particularly? What are the solutions to them with my mapping files (or not)? Thank you and I appreciate any help!

Hello @lucky618,

Welcome to the forums! :qiime2:

You are so close! There one small change you can make to fix this error. Here it is:

Found unrecognized ID column name ‘sample-id,forward,reverse’ 
    Here is the issue, replace these commas ^       ^ with tabs!

Your Manifest.csv should be Manifest.tsv with tabs instead of commas. Then the import should work.



Dear Colin,
I would like to inform that the problem has been resolved.
Thank you so much Colin. Now i understand why it didn`t work.I foolishly made a mistake that it should be import with “.tsv”. Thank You so much for sharing your knowledge.
Thank you.



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