Normalizing read depth in OTU table

As a very frequent user of Qiime1 it was very easy to subsample an OTU table in order to normalize it according to the lowest sample’s read depths.
Now in Qiime2 I have no idea how to do it. I have been searching on the website but it is really not clear.
I would imagine it should be a straight forward command?
Please help me out

Hello Tamar,

Thanks for trying out Qiime 2 :qiime2:

Many of the qiime 1 functions have been reorganized in Qiime 2, and some things are pretty different. So for example, rarefaction is 'built in' to the qiime diversity alpha-rarefaction command in Qiime 2. Take a look at this example here:

If you just want to subsample your table, there is a plugin for that:

Let me know if this helps!


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