need suggestion for statistical analysis

I started my 16s microbiome study recently using QIIME2, I have done alpha- beta- diversity and taxa plot. I would like to use Biom txt for further statistical analysis, which plugin should I use, would “phyloseq” works? I am new and please advice, thanks,

Hi @cathy,

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Have you spent some time with the tutorials? These go through some of the statistical analyses you can do in QIIME 2. I'd start with the moving pictures tutorial and the PD mice tutorial, although to some degree, this depends on your study design. You can explore other plugins that might offer additional statistical techniques. The Community tutorials on the forum are usually really useful there!

PhyloSeq is definitely an option for microbiome analysis, but it isn't wrapped in QIIME. You can use the qiime2R package to get data over there, again, that's in the community contributions section.



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