Need help! qiime 2 users

i want to know how to convert any qza file to qzv file? what are the main command should i use?

The way you generate QZV files is by running Visualizers in QIIME 2. Have you had a chance to review the docs? In particular, the Overview Tutorial?

If you can provide some more details about what it is you are trying to accomplish we can try and provide more targeted advice. Thanks! :qiime2:

So how can i run the visualizer on qiime2??
I made ANCOM to compare some groups that i have and i can’t read the results that contain tables and W column, i don’t know how to interpret these data!!! in the link below.
and if there are another method to compare each group separately, please tell me!
Many thanks! or qiime tools view

I would suggest reading the ANCOM paper (reference is floating around here on the forum).

Check out q2-gneiss!

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