Multiple fasta and mapping files

Dear all,
I receive multiple fasta and mapping from the sequencing facility to analyse for my project. Could anyone advise me how I can analyse the data of interest in Qiime1 & 2 to generate the feature table, taxonomy table and the tree file? Is there an online tutorial available for dealing with such kind of data? If you have a script would you be so kind to share with me?

Thanking you in advance for your consideration

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Hi @kamgan,
Are these fasta files or fastq? Your best bet is to get yourself the original fastq files if the goal is to work through them in Qiime2.

If they are indeed fastq then there are many Qiime2 tutorials available, for example the Moving Pictures tutorial is a great start that includes scripts.
If they are fasta files, is there an accompanying file with the quality scores? You might be able to hack something with regards to combining them in Qiime1 and import back into Qiime2. See this post for a similar recommendation.
Let us know if any of that works for you or not.

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