Moving pictures tutorial help

I am new to qiime2 and trying to do the moving pictures tutorial. In the obtaining and importing data section I am getting this error message:

There was a problem importing emp-single-end-sequences:
emp-single-end-sequences/barcodes.fastq.gz is not a(n) FastqGzFormat file:
File is uncompressed

Can anyone have any clue on how to fix this?

Thank you!!

Hello @Fabiola_Edf! It looks like your barcodes.fastq.gz file got unzipped somehow. Did you manually unzip it? If not, I suppose it's possible that it was corrupt when downloaded. Regardless, I suggest you re-download barcodes.fastq.gz and make sure it stays zipped. Do the same for sequences.fastq.gz as well if necessary.

I did't, but I will try to download them again.

Thanks @Oddant1

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