More sample with the same percentage of taxa

(Rubina) #1

I had samples from different run (Two), after the merge I had analyze my samples with QIIME2 and I noted that some samples had the same percentage of taxa…I think that was a problem… Can anyone suggest me what probably was happen and what I should do?

Thanks a lot


(Matthew Ryan Dillon) #2

Without code or sample outputs it is a bit of a guessing game on this end — it could be that they are simply the same percentage, or, maybe you had a bookkeeping issue. I am assuming you are looking at the taxa barplot viz? If so, can you please share that? If you don’t want to make it public you can DM me a download link for it. Thanks!

(Rubina) #3

this is taxa bar plots…

(Nicholas Bokulich) assigned thermokarst #4

(Matthew Ryan Dillon) #5

Hey there @rparadiso! Thanks for sharing, but, can you send the QZV? That contains the decentralized provenance to allow us to dig in deeper into the workflow. Thanks!

(Matthew Ryan Dillon) unassigned thermokarst #6

(Rubina) #7

Hi Matthew,
I checked my metadata file and I had a problem due to copy and paste…
so I solved.
Thanks for your help!

(Rubina) #8

taxa_barplots_no_Unassigned.qzv (1.8 MB)

this is my new taxa bar plots. In which way Can I remove the Bacteria from the plots (the blue in the pictures)?

(Nicholas Bokulich) #9

See this tutorial. In your case, see the 3rd example.

(Rubina) #10

is there a way to get the percentages of each taxa for a single sample (e.g. in execel)?

thanks for your help!

(Nicholas Bokulich) #11

collapse on taxonomy using qiime taxa collapse and convert your feature table to relative frequency with qiime feature-table relative-frequency.