Missing files error when importing data

I have been going the tuts… yes just the tuts, I already having troubles doing things… really need your help…

I am trying the obtaining and importing data tuts, however, this msg pop up, where did i do wrong…

Missing one or more files for EMPSingleEndDirFmt: ‘barcodes.fastq.gz’

Hi @farisfauzimuhammad! Thanks for reaching out, and sorry things aren’t going well. It sounds like your working directory might not be 100% reflective of what has been outlined in that tutorial (e.g. files might be misnamed, folders might be in the wrong place, etc). This isn’t really an issue that we can address in QIIME 2 — if the files you are telling QIIME 2 about don’t exist, it can’t really do anything - you have to know what files are where, and how they are named. If you are new to command line computing, I highly recommend checking out the resources listed here, they are invaluable!

In the meantime, I suggest starting from the beginning of the tutorial, and carefully read all the directions, and make sure that there are no typos in your commands, and that you don’t skip any steps. Thanks, and good luck! :t_rex:

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