Minimum sample size on virtualbox

Hi team,

I am new to Qiime2. I have worked on tutorials om virtual box. I would like to work on our gut bacterial data with samplesize of 300. However, I could not import the samples. Could you please confirm the minimum sample size that I can work on virtual
Box and also how to import my samples

Thank you.

Hi @Mrudhulaks,
There is no minimum sample size.

See this tutorial to learn about different importing methods (which to choose depends on the format and naming scheme of your samples).

Good luck!

Thank you for the reply Nicholas_Bokulich.

I have tried importing my samples. However, the import failed. Could you please help me with this. I am happy to share couple of sample data with you. Please suggest best way to share sample details.

Please post the exact command you are attempting to use and the full error message (if the message says there is a log file, please post the contents here). Thanks!

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