Minding the gap

Hi folks,
Was just browsing through some old posts and I remembered something I've been meaning to post here for some time know. This is just a friendly reminder that when you are addressing the Qiime2 community members (users, moderators, developers, etc.) whether in questions, replies, requests etc, you are addressing a diverse community of people across all genders and therefore staring your comments with "Dear Sir/s" excludes many members who contribute tremendously to the community and discredits their abilities to provide you with support. While 99% of the times this is not the case here (kudos to you all!), occasionally a post appears that starts with Dear Sir/s and I have to say, in 2019 this is really off the mark...even if its unintentional. Personally I'm going to stop replying to any posts like this though I hope after this that case will never happen. Happy Qiimin! :qiime2: