Metatranscriptomics and Metagenomics Pipline in Qiime2

I found a discussion that was a question about metagenome in June 2017. In that date, Qiime2 did not have a pipeline for analyzing metagenomics. Now, I am going to ask you does it have the facility to perform metagenomics and metatranscriptomics analyzing?

Hi @Mehrdad,
For a full list of all currently available plugins in the newest core Qiime2 release see here, and for a full list of other qiime2 plugins available for download see the qiime2 library.. Of interest to you there (I think) might be: q2-metaphlan2, q2-metabolomics, and q2-shogun. Browse around, there may be something there useful for you there.


Many Thanks!
I am not in doubt that Qiime2 is a maze! :tulip:

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