Metadata tabulate fails on demux error correction details without error message

Hi everybody :wave:,

I’ve run into a problem with viewing one of the outputs from demultiplexing paired-end EMP-format data.

I found somewhere here on the forum that metadata tabulate is the way to look at --o-error-correction-details from demulitplexing.

When I run …

qiime metadata tabulate \
    --m-input-file demux/error_correction_details.qza \
    --o-visualization demux/error_correction_details_tabulated.qzv

… it completes without an error but doesn’t create the output visualisation.

Is this a bug, or am I doing it wrong? :thinking:



Thanks for your post, @Cistron!
I just ran the same command in 2019.7 on a relatively speedy machine running linuxMint 19.2. Using the demux-details.qza from the Moving Pictures Tutorial, it completed successfully.

The finished Visualization renders a record for every sequence, and so is 3,000 pages long despite the small size of the Moving Pictures data set. I’m wondering whether the size of your data set is bogging things down. Is there any chance that’s the case?

Does the same command work with a smaller artifact like the one mentioned above?

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I will give that a try with a smaller dataset later (probably Monday). My file is about 3GB, however, I am executing this on a node with 64GB of RAM, so performance is likely not the issue.

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Finally got round to it and it works with the moving pictures data.

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Thanks for following up, @Cistron. With your moving pictures results in mind, I’m guessing this is either related to the compute environment/resourcing or your specific data set. I don’t have a great solution for you right now, but you may be able to interrogate your error correction stats by using qiime tools export to grab the data directly.

In the long run these issues [1, 2] should help prevent similar cryptic failures, and will hopefully improve the way this data is presented. Thanks so much for raising this question!

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