Metadata for beta-diversity analysis?

Thanks for the quick responses for the questions on Qiime2. I really appreciate it.

I have followed tutorials in "Moving Pictures", and came up to beta-diversity analysis.
I would like to analysis with bray_curtis_distance_matrix, but it comes with an error "Invalid value for '--i-distance-matrix': Expected an artifact of at least type DistanceMatrix. An artifact of type PCoAResults was provided.".

This is my metadata file.metadata.tsv (292 Bytes)

Thanking for your advises.

Hi @Zentoo
looks like you are trying to provide

PCoA file instead of

distance matrix file.
Just indicate a right path to the distance matrix file as an input for '--i-distance-matrix'.

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Thanks for the advise!
But I was expecting to have a PCoA plots.
I found qiime emperor plot command, and obtained below error message saying all values in a custom axis must be numeric. My metadata contains only sample ID and stations which are listed as St. 1, St. 2, and so on. In this case, how do I conduct this analysis?

It is hard to guess, since you did not provide the commands you are running.
So far I can suggest to remove --p-custom-axes parameter if you provided it. If error still persist, please provide a screenshot of the command with error so it would be easier to understand what is going on there.