metadata error for feature table

sample-metadata.tsv (647 Bytes)

here is my metadata file and give me error when try to summerize my feature table
my question accordin to this error the sample id in mainfest file must be the same in metadata file an my problem with meta data file hre when sample id the same in two file the meta data is not validated what is the solution for these problem

Hi @hasnaa,
the error is saying that in that qiime2 could not find in the metadata file any samples ‘10’ or ‘11’ and so on.
If I look at your metadata file, the samples are named ‘9R1’, ‘9R2’, ‘10R1’ and so on.
So if you replace 9R1 -> 9, 10R1 -> 10 … It should work, you can delete any raw with R2 it it, only one raw per sample is needed.

Hope it helps.


I did it and it work well thanks alot

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