Merging Tables that merged before

I have four libraries (A, B, C and D). Previously, I merged the library A and B each other and library C with D. Now, I want to merge the merged-AB table with the mergd-CD table and get a full merged-ABCD table, but I faced with the error:

There was a problem with the command:
(1/1) Invalid value for “–i-tables”: recieved <FeatureData[Sequence],
FeatureTable[Frequency]> as an argument, which is incompatible with
parameter type: List[FeatureTable[Frequency]]

I have two questions:

  1. Is it impossible to merge the previously merged tables? If it is impossible, what is your solution way?
  2. How to solve the error? I checked mis-spelling and also I am using the right files.

Hi @TurboQiimer,

I think mergedAB and mergedCD are different semantic types. It looks like, based on the error message, you’re passing one feature table and one sequence data object. So, I’d double your objects and make sure you’re merging the same type of object.


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