Merging FNA files from different Illumina sequencing runs

Hello everyone,

Is there a command for merging seqs.fna files from separate sequencing runs into a single seqs.fna file.

I have three separate seqs.fna files (generated from three separate Illumina sequencing runs) and I need to merge them before I can start using the QIIME pipeline.

I am new to QIIME2, any help is appreciated!

Hey there @thextramile!

I think the right way to go might be to import the three seqs.fna files then dereplicate each one individually (so, this section, three times). Then, you will have three FeatureTable[Frequency] artifacts and three FeatureData[Sequence] artifacts. Then, you can merge the three tables, then merge the three seqs. Check out the FMT tutorial for an example of merging. Easy peasy!

Hope that helps - keep us posted! :qiime2: :t_rex:

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Great - thank you for your time! @thermokarst

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