Merging denoised data

Hi, I am trying to merged denoised data using the commands:
qiime feature-table merge
–i-tables table-1.qza
–i-tables table-2.qza
–o-merged-table table.qza
qiime feature-table merge-seqs
–i-data rep-seqs-1.qza
–i-data rep-seqs-2.qza
–o-merged-data rep-seqs.qza

However, when I try to merge my tables, I get the following error message:
Plugin error from feature-table:

Same samples are present in some of the provided tables: Grass0608E01, Wildebeest0608E02, Impala0608D01, Addax0608A01, Zebra0427F02, Impala0427A03, Eland0427H02, Kudu0501C02, RhinoB02, Ostrich0608G01, Rhino0608H01, Soil0608F01, Giraffe0427G02, Eland0609B01, Wildebeest0427D02, Kudu0608A02

Debug info has been saved to /var/folders/zs/xd84msb118753t4b_95fvh3r0000gn/T/qiime2-q2cli-err-mbc8j0p4.log

I’m not sure what exactly I need to do to fix this error.

Hey there @manpflo615!

Check out the docs for feature-table merge:

--p-overlap-method [sum|error_on_overlapping_feature|error_on_overlapping_sample]
                                  Method for handling overlapping ids.
                                  [default: error_on_overlapping_sample]

The error you are seeing because you have overlapping samples between the two tables. If this is okay, you can change the overlap-method to something else more appropriate for your study.

Thanks! :qiime2: :t_rex:

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