Merging dada2 outputs.

I have run dada2 denoise on two different sets of samples. They are from different geographical regions and are completely different samples. Is there a way to merge the dada2 qza file outputs. So the table.qza and rep-seqs.qza files across the runs and then use the merged files to do further analysis. Thank you.

Welcome to the forum @deep639!

Yes, you can use the merge action. See an example of merging data from separate runs in this tutorial:

This will create a union of your former tables as long as the sample IDs are different. Make sure the dada2 parameters are the same so that these two runs will have the same features observed! There are many posts on this forum regarding merging tables from multiple runs, so I recommend reading the forum archive for a bit to extract more useful advice, especially if you run into problems.

Good luck!

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