Manifest Importing Problem

Hi! I’m trying to import paired end fasq files by manifest option but when i run the command I receive this:

There was a problem importing /home/qiime2/Secuencias/Manifest1.txt:

/home/qiime2/Secuencias/Manifest1.txt is not a(n) PairedEndFastqManifestPhred33V2 file:

Found unrecognized ID column name ‘sample-id forward-absolute-filepath reverse-absolute-filepath’ while searching for header. The first column name in the header defines the ID column, and must be one of these values:

Case-insensitive: ‘feature id’, ‘feature-id’, ‘featureid’, ‘id’, ‘sample id’, ‘sample-id’, ‘sampleid’

Case-sensitive: ‘#OTU ID’, ‘#OTUID’, ‘#Sample ID’, ‘#SampleID’, ‘sample_name’

can’t find the problem with the manifest archive, im taking the examples as a guide, my manifest is somenthing like this in .txt

sample-id forward-absolute-filepath reverse-absolute-filepath
sample1 ffilepath1 rfilepath1
sample2 ffilepath2 rfilepath2

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Hi @Francisco! Are your fields separated by tabs, or by spaces? They need to be tabs in order for this format to work. The error message looks like it is because you don’t have tabs between the values. Try changing to tabs, re-running, and letting us know how it goes!


I figured out about “Tabs”, i’ll try it right now!

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Hi! @thermokarst, separating the field with tabs was the solution to the problem, thanks a lot!

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Hi, you may want to take a look at this plugin which generate metadata and manifest through folder structure: )

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