Making a count of the OTUs of my data.

Hello everyone :grinning:

It Is possible to make a document or file that include the number of different OTUs present in my samples?

I have been working in that, and I only can get a classic OTU table like this.

sample 1 sample2 sample3 sample4
OTU1 10000 5656 4442 3334
OTU2 9999 1232 11142 3214
OTU3 5998 4545 30340 2321
OTU4 3099 3432 3432 2323

Thanks four your help.


Hi @Adbeel,

Try observed OTUs/ASVs in the qiime diversity alpha command.


Hello Justine.

Thanks for answer. That is what i was looking for.



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