Low Speed in Demultiplexing

Hello Friends,

I have run the following method (including forward and reverse reads)

demux-single: Demultiplex single-end sequence data with barcodes in-sequence.

It is above six hours it has nothing given. Is it normal? I am pretty sure when I used this method
demux-paired: Demultiplex paired-end sequence data with barcodes in-sequence.

I remember well it was faster, it took around 10 min.
I am still waiting for it.

What do you reckon?

Thanks a lot

over ten hours running!:expressionless: I think there is a problem. It is an unforeseen predicament.

Thanks for the screenshot, it makes the problem much clearer.

Hit “enter”. The last line of your command contains a backslash, which tells the terminal that your command is continuing onto the next line. So the computer is still waiting for your command, and has not started running that command.

Good luck!


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