Looking for trained UNITE classifier

Hey all,

I am having some difficulty training the the feature classifier on the UNITE database (I think it’s related to not having enough RAM). I was wondering if anyone might be able to share a trained classifier using a relatively recent version of the dynamic UNITE database. Would be much appreciated!


Hey @Jake_Nash,
Do you want a classifier with all fungi? or all euks? 97%, 99%, or dynamic clustering threshold?

All recent UNITE releases contain multiple versions… and the fungi-only version is a lot smaller (meaning less memory and time required to train a classifier).

So if you only want fungi, you might be able to train the fungal database on your own. Otherwise, I do have some pre-trained classifiers I could share, but you will need to tell me exactly what version you want!

I need the dynamic classifier because I get the same error even though I have enough space and I don’t know how to solve it

Welcome to the forum, @Nohemi_G_Cortes_L!

Sorry, I don’t have the dynamic classifiers

Do you want to open a new issue to get support for that issue?

See also my advice above about reducing memory needs with UNITE:

Hey thanks for the responses yall. I did end up successfully training a classifier on the dynamic UNITE database. I just had to increase the RAM allocation on my VM up to 14 gb - really slowed down my computer!

@Nohemi_G_Cortes_L Let me know if would like me to share the dynamic classifier with you


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