Longitudinal feature-volatility plugin error

Dear all,

First of all, congrats for the longitudinal plugin, it is a must for my studies :slightly_smiling_face: But when I have done the feature-volatility test, I’ve had a problem. I have tried several things, but I can’t understand the problem because with other data, it worked.

Well, here you have my problem:

qiime longitudinal feature-volatility --i-table paper-ratones-madrid-table-dada2-L2.qza --m-metadata-file ratones_Madrid_map_g_HFD_012_paper.txt --p-state-column Time_n --p-individual-id-column Mouse --p-n-estimators 100 --p-random-state 123 --output-dir paper-L2-feat-volatility

Time_n is a numeric variable, but I have this report:
Plugin error from longitudinal:

state_column must be numeric.

Debug info has been saved to /var/folders/4m/y_fd8knd03sgjw5llgpmv7pc0000gn/T/qiime2-q2cli-err-65pc8swr.log

Any suggestion?



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Hi @Imindias,
Your state_column must contain some non-numeric values. If you have missing samples labeled as “nan” or something like that, that would explain this issue. If you check and still cannot resolve this issue, please share your sample metadata file (ratones_Madrid_map_g_HFD_012_paper.txt) so we can examine this issue.

I hope that helps!

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