Long reads, antibiotic resistance genes and toxins

I think about starting to use QIIME2 but I couldn’t find information needed for my experiments.

  1. Is it possible to use long reads as an input file (16S rRNA from MinION sequencing)? If so, are the effects similar to those from Illumina sequencing?
  2. Is it possible to analyze and identify antibiotic resistance genes and toxins (based on nucleotide sequence)?
    I don’t have any experience with QIIME2 and I would appreciate your help! Thanks!

1- yes, it is; I just created a GitHub project called MetONTIIME for importing MinION reads and for assigning taxonomy to them, reproducing the EPI2ME 16S workflow.
2- As far as I know, there is an EPI2ME workflow called ARMA, that is meant for identifying antibiotic resistance genes. I never used it, but I saw there are a few publications using it, as this one.