Joint filtering for a feature table

Hi lovely people,

I know this has been thrown around somewhere, but I’d love to add the ability to do a filter based on some combination of prevalence and abundance (i.e. given that a feature has X relative abundance in a table, Y% of the time, keep it). I think it’s a bit of a complicated behavior on the CLI side, but is relatively smooth from the biom perspective.

Would you be interested? Im at a point where I need something easy and rewarding to do.

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Hi @jwdebelius,
Sounds interesting! And I am so glad to hear you are interested in doing some Q2 development! :pray:

This might be one of the filtering options I suggested in the oldest open issue for q2-feature-table, and if not you can see that issue for some other filtering ideas that nobody’s gotten around to doing yet in case you want to teach an old dog a few more tricks. :dog2:

There are lots of open issues in various Q2 plugins where we would welcome and encourage community developers to get involved! Just find your favorite plugin, go to the “issues” section, and look for anything with a “help wanted” label. :biohazard:

(other issues are up for grabs if they are not already assigned to someone, but the “help wanted” issues are generally good first issues for getting involved in plugin development and are issues where we literally want help! If in doubt about whether an issue is up for grabs or still of interest to the plugin developers, just comment on that issue to indicate your interest and spark discussion) :sparkles:

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