Jaccard PCoA distance value between 0-1. can't find.

Hi there! I am working on producing a final copy of my results. I am trying to obtain the Jaccard PCoA distance value that is between 0-1. However, the image attached is all I am seeing. Any assistance? Thanks!


Your question is unclear.

  • Jaccard distance is in [0,1], as it is an inherent mathematical property of the distance.
  • PCoA results are also in the range [0,1] as it is required for the method.


they're meaningless - [0, 1] in PCoA space doesn't map to [0, 1] in our normal linear/Euclidean understanding. Therefore, can and probably should be avoided for interpretation (the same applies to other non-linear dimensionality reduction techniques, such as t-SNE or UMAP)