Issues with plotting volatility

Hello I have issues visualising a qzv plot for volatility, basically the image is not generated when i load this file in QIIME view, i read from the glossary about this issues and followed some solutions there but still unable to get it to load the image, could someone help

You will need to provide some more description of what is actually going wrong. Please:

  1. upload your QZV so we can try debugging on this end
  2. if you are receiving an error message, copy/paste the message here. If something unusual is happening in the visualization, take a screenshot to show us.

It would be useful to link to these forum posts to give us more clarity on your problem and the steps you’ve taken to solve it.


volatility.qzv (432.0 KB)

Hello Nicholas here it is


That QZV looks fine to me. Try selecting a different "group column". E.g., this is what I see:

Very strange… might this be a browser issue on my side, i am using and IMAC

Well although i get the same figure as you now when i run this in google chrome, i can not seem to navigate through any of the other columns. do to get anything when you make pig.type the group column?


It looks like the metadata column names with periods in the name are causing issues — the period is be interpreted as a special character. Try replacing the period with an underscore or other character in your metadata file and re-run the command.

Let us know if that fixes things!

Thanks let me try that


Many thanks that works!!


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