Issues with Celery with QIIME2 2023.5

I'm starting two celery workers via a docker compose file.
Each docker compose service uses a Dockerfile that has QIIME2 2023.5 as the base docker image. The version of celery I'm using is 5.3.1.
The issue I'm getting is (the celery workers axiome3-prod-pipeline_worker and axiome3-prod-extension_worker in the screenshot below):

Both workers are "mingling: all alone" and not accepting any tasks.

Does anyone else have similar issues with celery 5.3.1 and newer versions of QIIME? I noticed switching back to celery 5.1.2 and QIIME 2020.6 would work.
I've also made a similar post on the Celery forum: Celery workers are "mingle: all alone" · celery/celery · Discussion #8398 · GitHub

Hello @skw, apologies for the delayed response, this is a tricky one, and we might not be able to help too much here.

Your best bet here is probably to create your own fresh docker container then set up celery and install QIIME 2 in it. You'll need to set up the celery workers so the celery tasks can run in the QIIME 2 conda environment, so they can interact with QIIME 2. That's the part we aren't so sure about how to do.


Thanks @Oddant1. I'll continue looking into it

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