Is there a way to know the version of the tool used in the q2 plug-ins?

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I am trying to review the methods of the paper I wrote. I used 2021.11 version of q2-vsearch. When checking the version for the vsearch plug-in, it says "q2-vsearch version 2021.11". But what I want to know is the actual vsearch version used in the 2021.11 plug-in. I tried looking on the .qza citations in q2-view but it says q2-vsearch version 2021.11 only. This is for me attribute the actual vsearch version properly apart from the q2-vsearch plug-in.

thank you!

Hello @rmbn. In a terminal with your conda environment active run conda list | grep vsearch. This should show both the version of q2-vsearch and the version of vsearch itself being used.

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Thank you! This works!

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