Is there a difference between Version QIIME2 2022.11 to Version 2019.4?

The DADA2 command does not work through the server I have at the university, the version is 2021.11.
I thought until they fixed this try to run the command in version 2019.4, is there a substantial difference between the versions such as fixing different bugs that will not allow back to an older version.
Thank you

Hello again Rachel,

Here's all the Qiime2 change-logs that mention DADA2:

Among other things, dada2 has been updated from 1.10.0 to version 1.18.0, so yes, there's a pretty big difference.

You can set up a local deployment of Qiime2 that does not affect other users, which may be worth considering until the HPC team fixes their official deployment. They may want to manage the installed software themselves (which I understand and support!) but this is a temporary solution worth considering.


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