Is it allowed to display QIIME visualization files on own web page?

Hello, I always appreciate the useful features of QIIME.

I have developed a web-based database, and want to display relationships between samples using beta diversity indices (ex. weighted_unifrac_emperor.qzv).

Is it allowed to display QIIME visualization files on our web-based database after exporting the files (.qzv) and using the included HTML, JS, CSS files?

Thanks for reading!

QIIME 2 is open-source software licensed under the BSD 3-clause license and any use or distribution of the software is bound by that license. You might consider publishing under a compatible license - there are a number of options with BSD-3. The license is short and sweet, so give it a read and let us know if you have any questions.

QIIME 2 plugins are often independently developed, and frequently carry additional/different licenses, which in turn govern use of that software and publication/distribution of derivatives. For example, emperor, which built the emperor plot you mention in your post, is bound by the following licenses.

As far as sharing visualizations, it's fine to publish the results of your work, so long as proper attribution is made. The "Citing QIIME 2" page of the docs goes into detail - note that plugins often must be cited directly, in addition to citing the QIIME 2 framework.


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