interpretation of qzv file

Hello, I am unable to interpret the output generated in qiime2.
1)what does this taxonomy.qzv output says

2) What does a rep-seq.qzv indicates?


A good idea is to try having a look through the moving pictures tutorial. The tutorials have questions at each step to help you think about your own data and what you think you should expect to see from those visualizations. Also looking around the Forum is really helpful to see how others have interpreted or what others have asked.

In moving picture tutorial the Taxonomic Analysis section it explains how you can examine the data at different taxonomic levels (the taxonomic levels drop down bar, for example look at level 2 for phylum) and then sort them by your metadata, which will depend on your experiment was about (the sort samples by drop down). You can also download it as a csv and use in python or R if you want. The rep-seq is your representative sequence information, for example sequence length, are they what you expected given your sequencing? You can also use this to look as specific sequences later or download it as a fasta file.

hope that helps, :+1:


Hi @komal,

To add on to the FANTASTIC response by @buzic

Have you checked out the QIIME2 youtube channel! We have a great playlist that goes through all the visualizations in the Parkinson's Mouse Tutorial.


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