Internet connection?

Hi all!

I have a question (I think is super basic and sorry about that!). In order to run an analysis in QIIME2, do I need internet connection? Or if I have QIIME2 properly installed on my computer, can I still run my analysis?
I have been using QIIME for a while and I never asked this question to myself before because I always have some sort of internet connection, but for some specific reasons at work I needed to confirm this information.

I would think the answer is yes but I wanted to ask just in case there are other options.

Thanks and best regards,


No, you do not need an internet connection to run QIIME 2. No core QIIME 2 commands require a connection. There are some QIIME 2 plugins that do things like download data (e.g., q2-clawback) but these are rare exceptions.



Those are great news (for me!).

Thank you so much!