Installing QIIME2 using virtual machine


I actually have 2GB space in my laptop for windows and 2GB for linux. If i will use virtual machine like virtualBox to install qiime2 it will require 4GB.

Could you tell me which virtual machine can i use in Windows and linux to install qiime2 noting that i have only 2GB available in each operating system ?

Thanks for your consideration

Hi @M_F!
Am I correct that you are dual-booting linux and windows, and have only 2GB storage space remaining on each partition?

If so, I think you're going to be better off making more space for yourself to work in, rather than attempting to cobble together all of the available storage space across your dual-boot partitions. It's not uncommon for high-biomass samples to take up gigabytes of storage in raw data alone, gigabytes again as demuxed .qzas, and a non-trivial amount of space in downstream analysis. That doesn't include the space required for things like taxonomic classifiers, which can also be sizeable. Or the space required to install the VM software. Or the guest operating system itself.

Long story short, it might be time to clean up some unused files, move things to portable/cloud storage, upgrade your hard drive, or borrow/rent a machine with more resources on which you can complete this analysis. If you can clean out enough space on the linux partition, a native install should be easier to manage than a VM, too, so that's a plus!

Good luck, and please let me know if I'm misunderstanding your question,

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Hi @ChrisKeefe ,

Thank you so much for the reply. Yes i dual boot linux and windows, and i have only 2GB storage space remaining on each partition. Do you think if i will move all files from linux i will get enough space to install directly QIIME2 ?


Sorry, @M_F, but there's no way for me to know how the storage on your device has been allocated. You can use your file browser to check the total and available capacities, and go from there, though.

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