Installing QIIME 2 on Linux failed due to no space (2G)

To anyone that can help - I am very very new to this whole process and trying to teach myself to analyse microbiome data from scratch…

I have recently gained access to a high performance computing facilities, and now am trying to download QIIME 2. I followed the instructions to Natively installing QIIME 2 by first installing Miniconda and then Qiime… I managed to get part of the way through in the installation process but then ran out of disk space. I realised I only have 2GB on my personal server but additional in project.

I was just wondering what are my options and required steps to get around this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @JordanS,

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If you have write privileges, you could add conda to your projects folder. I've actually done this on my local linux server, with the hope that it makes it easier for other users to share environments. (Actual results have varied.) This may solve some of your installation problems.

You could also, potentially, ask for more space. If you plan to handle large sequencing runs, you'll find that at 2GB you're going to run into issues.

Best of luck and happy :qiime2:-ing,


Thank you so much Justine for your help,

I really appreciate your assistance with this!
I was able to upload it into our projects folder, so as you said hopefully other users can use it also.

I will also be requesting for more space- I have very quickly realised I will need a lot more !

Many thanks,

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