Installing PICRUSt2 alongside q2-picrust2

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Hi @thermokarst, I am also trying to install the plugin in qiime2 environment. I have already installed the PICRUST2 separately outside the qiime2 environment. Can I install it again in qiime2 again? Do they work independently well and not interfere with each other? I took me the whole morning to figure out the installation, and I just don’t want to waste my effort…The reason of my doing so is that I prefer working with QIIME2 and the output files from the q2-picrust2 plugin are said to be compatible with qiime2. I started with this first, actually, but did not work out. Thank you!


Hi @arlandan,
As long as you installed both in their own conda environments they should totally fine and independent of each other.
If you had installation problems with q2-picrust2 feel free to start a new thread with details about your specific issue. If the issue you had was specific to the stand-alone picrust then I would recommend getting a hold of the developer on its github page.

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Just an update here. Sounds like the current q2-picrust2 is not compatible with QIIME 2 2020.2, but is with 2019.10 due to some dependency issues which will likely be resolved in the future released of q2-picrust2 but currently are not.
So, you can either install a new conda environment with q2-2019.10 and install q2-picrust2 there or carry on with using the stand-alone version of picrust2.


Hi @Mehrbod_Estaki,

Thank you for your kind response. I was able to install the stand-alone PICRUST2, but not the q2- one. I don’t remember what exactly error I got, but errors occurred consistently and I gave up. I have been using QIIME2- 2020.2. So I think you are right the q2-PICRUST is not compatible.

And the qiime2 and picrust have their own conda environment/file and look not interfering each other :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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