Installing on a partitioned PC

I am new to Linux and Qiime2. I am trying to install Qiime 2 on a partitioned PC (Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04). I have tried to follow install directions and to read up on previous posts, but I keep getting stuck.

Aside from just install help - has anyone done this? How does the pipleline run on your partitioned machine? Is this a viable solution for non-Mac owners? I found the virtual machine solution to be very cumbersome.

Thank you!

Hi @Sunny247,
What have you tried and what are the errors you have received? We will need more details to provide support.

QIIME 2 can be installed natively in ubuntu! No need for virtual box. See here and make sure you select the linux tab for the correct install instructions:

You are using Windows 7 operating system and if you use hp system then hp customer support will fix the issue instantly. Hope this will help you.

thanks! this was my missing link

i’m all sorted

@Sunny247, would you mind sharing what solved your problem, either by describing it, or marking a solution from the posts above? That way future readers of this thread will have an idea of what worked for you. Thanks.

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