installation problem

[email protected]:~$ wget

–2020-08-26 14:27:41--

正在解析主机 (…

正在连接 (||:443… 已连接。

已发出 HTTP 请求,正在等待回应… 302 FOUND

位置: [跟随至新的 URL]

–2020-08-26 14:27:43--

正在解析主机 (…, ::

正在连接 (||:443… 失败:拒绝连接。

正在连接 (|::|:443… 失败:拒绝连接。(failed connection)

I operate following,but there has a problem.

Hi @gaolei,

Note this line reports that your connection failed. It could be a transient issue and you could just try again, or it could be a firewall issue. If you keep having trouble, try a different download method or contact your network administrator to figure out what is going wrong.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your response,
I think the main problem is firewall,.
I have installed by virtualbox.

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