Incompatible Illumina data


However, I have some problems how to read my sequencing output in QIIME2. After processing my datasets with a special analysis pipline (which is described to be an implementation of the UPRASE algorithm form the USEARCH8 package), I get the following output:
2.) OTUs-Seqs.fasta
4.) OTUs-Tree.tre

But I don’t understand how to go on with the downstream analysis on QIIME2. I read through all the tutorials on QIIME2docs but it is not really described how to go on with the normalization, alpha- und beta-diversity-analysis.

I would be very glad, if someone could help me out!

Kind regards

Hi @rinne_sharingan,

I would recommend looking at the data importing tutorials (see feature data and below) to se how to get your fasta, table, and tree in. I assume the .tab. formation is a text file, so you may have to convert from text to biom format.

Then, you can start following diversity from one of the work flow tutorials. You may like the core-metrics step from the moving pictures tutorial.


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