Importing Sanger sequences in .ab1 to qiime2

Hi! I'm trying to import 16s and 18s sequences in ab1 format. I had to covert ab1 sequences to fasta outside of qiime2 (CLC workbench), but when I try to import the sequences to qiime, it's said that doesn´t find DNAsequences.fasta. Is this related to the headers of the export from CLC?

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Instead of converting from .ab1 to .fasta then importing into Qiime2, instead could you convert from .ab1 to .fastq (with a tool like tracy or another tool) then import that fastq data?

The fastq format includes quality information, and will better match up with the Qiime2 tutorials about importing data.

Feel free to post the commands you run and any errors you see, so we can help you get started!

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(Hey @vicenteam, I've reopened the topic if you would like to reply here.)