Importing fastqsanger.gz files into a QIIME2 artifact

I am running QIIME 2 through the Galaxy interface through docker and have just completed many of the tutorials. I am interested in doing eDNA metabarcoding analysis and have fastsanger.gz files that I want to import. I saw in a prior post that users recommended using SampleData[PairedEndSequencesWithQuality] and format at Paired End Fastq Manifest Phred33V2. I did this and am getting an error that says: "Fatal error: Exit code 1 ()"

Does anyone know how to import these fastqsanger.gz files?

Hello @grantchristian153, can you post a screenshot of exactly what error you received? Thank you.

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Well, that sure is not a helpful error message! One thing you might try is uploading your fastq.gz file(s) to galaxy as a data collection then importing that collection as your SampleData[PairedEndSequencesWithQuality]. Some more instructions on how to do that can be found here with someone having a potentially similar issue (Basically sometimes QIIME 2 and Galaxy disagree a bit on the specifics of what a given thing should look like).

@Oddant1 Thank you this worked for me! Appreciate your time.

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