Importing data to QIIME2 Studio

I have a problem with importing files, mainly the Metadata file and the Normalized OTU table.
what is the Source Format and the Semantic Type of each of them?

Hi @Amr_Elkholy,

In QIIME2 you don't have to import Metadata files to use it in your analysis. This means that Metadata files in QIIME2 don't have a type or a format associated with them.
To get your Metadata file in QIIME2 studio, simply navigate to the directory (by using the Change Directory button) where your Metadata file is stored and the Metadata file will be automatically loaded. (Refer to screenshots below.)


To answer the second part of your question, I would need more information about your Normalized OTU Table; what do you mean by Normalized OTU Table, and what kind of Normalization method was used to get this table normalized?

In the meantime, reading the information in the links below might help you get a better picture of Metadata and Semantic Types in QIIME2.

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