importing data into qimme 2

hi everyone actually i have some confusion to importing the raw sequence in qiime 2.
The service company provides me the raw data of my Illumina sequence is given me in that format see pic

they don't give me the primer information and adapter information on that time now currently i am working on my project so i asked to company to sent me the information of primers and adapter. and yesterday they give the information about the primer and adapter. but still not given me the barcode sequence information however when i opened the SY1_combined_R1.fastq, SY1_combined_R2.fastq file and i got the same barcode information on the top header line as i read in the earlier posts in qiime2 (see images ). my question is what format i used to import my data in qiime2?
should i going with paired end manifest format or EMP pairedEnd sequence or any other?
i am totally fed up from last 10 days. also i want to know when i should the cut adapter from my raw seq.?

Again, already asked/answered here:

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