Importing data for iilumina sequences

Hi there!
they are new using qiime2
I have some problems and some doubts about the import and demultiplexing of qiime2 for Illumina sequences
My sequences were received as follows:

I have imported with the manifest file, but I am not completely sure that this is the way to import the data.
Is there any other way to import data for this type of files?
If there is no other way, do I need to demultiplex my data or are they already demultiplexed?
What is the correct code to demultiplex my data?

Hi @Alex_martinez,

If you’re not sure whether or not your data is demultiplexed, the best way to determine this is to contact your sequencing center. (Another good way to tell that your data is demultiplexed is that you have two files for each sample. So, if you submitted 2 samples, then this is likely demultiplexed data.) If your data is demultiplexed, then the manifest format makes sense. Otherwise, you need to determine the barcode location and do your own demultiplexing based on that.


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