Import fasta and group file from mothur

I have demultiplexed, merged, and denoised Illumina sequences from mothur software that I would like to import to QIIME 2. As I have a single fasta file without the sample information in the sequences header, I need to include mothur’s group file as well (where every sequence is linked with the sample). Is it somehow possible?
Or how can I convert fasta and group file into one single fasta file that QIIME 2 recognizes?

Thank you for the help!


I think that the output of Mothur are Fasta files, so if you have plans to create a Qiime2 artifact, you’ll have to convert them to Fastq files wich will allow you to continue with Dada2. Although i dont think dada2 will work without sequences qualities.

Good luke :flying_saucer:

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