Import .biom error

I’m trying to import biom table from Qiime1 and I got an error:

ValueError: Failed to sniff InPath('/Volumes/MyBookDuo/Seth_filtered_from_christy/Open_OTU_GG_R1/otu_table_mc2_w_tax_no_pynast_failures.biom') as BIOMV100Format. There may be a problem with the sniffer.

Is the BIOMV100Format correct?

Could you help me with this, please.

here is my command:

qiime tools import --input-path otu_table_mc2_w_tax_no_pynast_failures.biom --type FeatureTable[Frequency] --source-format BIOMV100Format --output-path feature-table

Thanks, Daniel!

Hi @latild! I suspect your .biom file is in BIOM v2.1 format, but QIIME is expecting BIOM v1.0 format. You can tell QIIME about the correct format with --source-format BIOMV210Format. Can you give that a try?

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It works!
Thank you Jai


Great, glad to hear it worked! I created an issue to add an example and clarify this in our importing data tutorial (this will be live when we have our next release).

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